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There are no addresses in the "Red River Adventure KY" to find us. 
Red river gorge kayak canoe & rental cabin
                          How do I get to Red River Adventure?

    1. Google search, "Red River Adventure Kentucky".  That will take you right to us.

    2. Or, use the map above along with the following directions:

  - From Lexington Kentucky:  Get off I75 at exit 111 and onto I64 East. 
  - Go past Winchester Kentucky, get-off I64 and onto the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway at exit 98.
  - Continue on the Parkway past Clay City and Stanton, getting off the at exit 33 at Slade.
  - Turn left, drive 200 yards to the "T" intersection with a Shell Mart on the right, a Go Time station on the left & "5 Star Cabin Rental" sign right in front of you.  
  - Turn left onto Ky. highway 15, drive about 1.6 mi., turn right at Nada onto highway 77.
  - Go 2 miles to Nada Tunnel (one lane tunnel).  Go through the tunnel continue to the "Iron Bridge".
  - Cross the bridge, continue on Ky. 77 for a mile to the junction of 77 & 715 (AKA Skybridge road).
  - Bear right onto 715, the campground and canoe rental is on your right. 

Contact Us

   For Red River Gorge Boat Rentals, boat shuttles and Campground call: 606-663-1012/5258.

   For Mill Creek Lake, Lake Reba and Hiking Shuttles call: 606-618-0299.

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