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kayak and canoe swimming hole tour
Red river gorge adventure kayak and canoe tour

Kayak and canoe, red river gorge

Check Water Levels.  Expect age restrictions with CFS of 60 - 100+.   

Note: The CFS does not tell the whole story of the Red.  Call us at 606-663-5258/1012 for conditions and reservations. Trips may be cancelled or changed without notice due to weather/river levels.

Download our Red River Liability Waiver here

              Red River Gorge Trips

1. The "Adventure Tour" is a self-guided, 8-mile trip that meanders through Red River Gorge.  Towering cliffs, outrageous rock formations, and deep forests are all in this canoe or kayak journey.  We drive you to a drop-off and you return by river.  Includes parking, shuttle and equipment. 
Canoes are $55 (for 2 people), kayaks are $40 (single seat kayaks only).

2. The "Swimming Hole Tour" (available only when water levels are too low for the Adventure Tour)  launches from and returns to our riverside campground.  You can visit the "Jumping Rock Swimming Hole" and the "Swinging Footbridge". Canoes are $40 (for 2 people), kayaks are $30.  Includes parking and all equipment.


 3. The "Island Tour"  (available only when water levels are too low for all other tours)  Launches from and returns to the campground.  The trip is in  deeper water and is about 2 miles.  Boats are rented for 2 hours.  Good trip for kids, pets, picnicking and swimming. Canoes are $30, kayaks are $20.

4. Shuttle for Privatly Owned Boats
   Shuttles park free at our campground take-out.  We shuttle you and your boat to the put-in for $20 per person.  For example: 1 person kayak or canoe $20.  2 people with a canoe or tandem kayak would be $40).

Call 606-663-1012 or 5258 for all Red River Gorge trips.  Or email us.


       Mill Creek Lake
Mill Creek Lake at Natural Bridge State Park is the perfect place for beginners, and the fishing is great.  Open Fiday - Sunday starting at 10am, with our last boats going out at 5pm.  Tandem kayaks are $35 (for two people), single kayaks are $20.  New this season are paddleboard rentals for $15 an hour.  Call 606-606-663-1012 or email for details and reservations.

Lake Reba
Located at Richmond, Kentucky in the Lake Reba City Park complex.  This lake has great fishing and is surrounded by jogging trails and a golf course. Open weekends and holidays starting in April, at 10am with last boats being rented at 5pm.  (we open at noon on Sundays).  Tandem kayaks are $35, single kayaks are $20.  Call 606-618-0299 or email for details and reservations.


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