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~ Save BIG on our used boat sales ~
Closed for the season, see you in March 2016

We are now selling some of our older boats.  These boats have some dents, dings and wear.  Most have been repaired with kevlar or plastic patches but will make the occasional user a good boat at a great price. 

Email or call us if you have questions or comments at  or call (606)663-1012/5258.

Below are two types of kayaks that are for sale.  I used these boats for 2-3 seasons.  They have some wear and damage, but will last the occasional owner for several more years.

I am selling these kayaks for $149.


These canoes are scraped and banged-up, but still has years of life left in them for the occasional user.  We sell boats like these for around $180 to $200.

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